It just makes sense that the owners of Cut 432 and Park Tavern decided to bring the taste of the taco to downtown Delray Beach with their new taquería-ish El Camino. Creators Brandon Belluscio, Brian Albe, and Anthony Pizzo have delivered Mexican soul-food and a top-notch tequila bar — which opened its doors December 2013 — just off the city’s Atlantic Ave. restaurant row.


The establishment offers patrons a taste of Mexico through the lens of executive chef Victor Meneses, originally from Juarez, Mexico. Schooled at the L’Acadamie de Cuisine in Maryland, he spent five years learning from the likes of Michel Richard and Todd Gray cooking everything from French to Italian. Mexican, however, is where Meneses’ heart is, and El Camino represents many of the unique dishes he ate as a child, but prepared with a modern touch. Chips and salsas are more authentic, given the proper texture and using ingredients sourced straight from Mexico, from the cactus in his slaw recipe, to the dried passila and morita peppers, árbol and cascabel chilies. The food menu, like the drinks, is a little more craft than you’d expect with hand-formed blue corn tortillas, house made chorizo, and Meneses own secret recipe for hot sauce. Taco Tuesdays are packed. The margaritas are the among the best in South Florida. And a number of speciality items litter the appetizer and entree menu with highlights like smoked brisket nachos and charred octopus, or a family recipe modified to make the squash blossom quesadillas. Our favorite starter: the simple crispy fried pork skins, or chicharrón. El Camino is located at 15 NE Second Ave., Delray Beach. Call 561-265-5093, or visit

uthor: Nicole Danna