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Ten Best Margaritas in Broward and Palm Beach Counties

New to the whole tequila bar scene, El Camino has an impressive selection of Mexican-inspired drinks. From mezcal mules ($10) to pomegranate palomas ($10) to tequila old-fashioneds ($12) to an entire list of margaritas, this place can tempt any tequila-loving palate. While you pretty much can't go wrong, we pick favorites -- and we're certainly [...]

“Cut 432 is, in my opinion, one of the best steaks in the country!”

Day 4 of the SoFlaFoodie #31Burgers in #31Day tour. Cut 432 in Delray Beach was is our next stop. Since 2008 owner’s Brandon Belluscio and Brian Albe have taken the stuffiness out of steak houses and delivered not only a trendy south beach style scene, but the food to back it up. Cut 432 is, in my opinion, one of the best steaks in the country! […]