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Monthly Archives: April 2019


Best Mexican – El Camino

Two things we know for fact are 1) Taco Tuesdays make the world a better (and tastier) place, 2) El Camino has one of the most authentic Mexican food experiences around. Translating directly to “the path,” El Camino will pave the way to satisfying any and all perpetual margarita and enchilada cravings through its urban [...]

Park Tavern’s menu is much like its atmosphere – all over the board

Park Tavern’s menu is much like its atmosphere—all over the board. While modern menus try to have a good sampling of dishes, Park’s variety is over the top. Here you get grilled Antarctic salmon, sweet corn agnolotti, spiced duck breast, sh and chips, Maine lobster roll, prime rib, enormous burgers, oysters, cauli ower fried rice, [...]