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Monthly Archives: January 2014


Delray Restaurant Review: El Camino

I feel like I write about Mexican food too much. Are you tired of hearing about margaritas and guacamole? I don’t think I could ever tire of those two things… And so I have another Mexican restaurant review for you today. Sorry I’m not sorry. As I mentioned last week when I told you about my visit to Nino’s of Boca, my little sister and her BFF were in town for a bit. Naturally, this means many nights of going out to eat. It was the perfect excuse to try out a new place that just opened in Delray Beach, El Camino. It’s right next door to The Office off of Atlantic Ave. Downtown Delray has a huge variety of restaurants, but the one thing they have been severely lacking in is Mexican food. I’ve heard pretty good reviews of El Camino, which only made me want to go more, so of course I got a group together (another one of Bec’s BFFs lives down here with her fam too, so they also joined us) and we all got to experience El Camino in all of it’s opening-month glory […]

Ten Best Bars for Cocktails in Palm Beach County

This new addition to the food-crazed downtown Delray Beach dining district has a list of fresh-made margaritas that will make you wonder why the classic Latin cocktail always seems so boring at other bars. Your toes will curl when you get a taste of the potent árbol chilies used to make the bar’s own chili rubbed mango margaritas. […]